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Farewell Post

There are mixed emotions as I offer this final blog for Spirit Path's "Cole's Notes" section. As you may know, I have accepted a ministry position at Selkirk United Church beginning on July 1, 2017, so that makes today my last day with Spirit Path.

What an amazing adventure this Spirit Path has been - starting from scratch with no congregation and no building, and becoming what we are today - a small but faithful group of outside-the-box Christians, committed to experimenting with church styles and structures, being the church in different ways, meeting in houses, community centers, pubs, and other churches - and trying to faithfully follow the path that God keeps laying out before us.

I want to thank all of you who have been part of this wonderful journey over the past five years (and more for some!). Nothing could have been accomplished without the support of all of you. It has been a blessing to have had such a great group to work with through the years. And the support from others has been much appreciated all the way along.

Some of the highlights have included a wonderful Messy Church group that continues to thrive; some wonderful house gatherings and pub gatherings where stories have been shared, theology debated, people supported, and relationships strengthened; strong new ecumenical ties with the Anglican and Lutheran churches joining this United Church venture and morphing it into something even stronger and more hopeful; and so much more.

And Spirit Path continues, even though I won't be part of it after today. I wish all of you many blessings as the journey continues to unfold. God bless your work and God bless you as you continue to hear the call to be Christ's disciples in this new way.

Please continue to support the work of this important ministry. We have a strong Leadership Team and a hopeful future. Our Website and Facebook Page will continue, as will the ministry in all of its many different forms. Blessings to you all.

With thanks,



Title: Spirit Path Easter Event & Messy Church
Location: Trinity United/Good Shepherd Anglican Church - 933 Summerside Avenue
Description: Join us for our Spirit Path Easter Event including a Pot-Luck Supper, Worship, Singing, and a "Messy Church" type activity for all ages. This event will combine two events into one (our April Messy Church and our Easter Worship service). There will truly be something for everyone. For more information, call Cole @ 204-807-1350 or email Please feel free to bring anything to add to our Pot-Luck supper. Surprise us! We hope to see you there - everyone is welcome!
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2017-04-23


Evangelism - Coming Soon to a Neighbourhood Near You!

Okay. Now that I have your attention, please don't run away screaming! I know that evangelism can be a scary word to some of us in mainline Christian denominations. Some of us have remained relatively silent while those in other denominations have had far less trouble (or fear) talking about their faith in public, sharing their faith with their neighbours.

We have had our excuses. "Faith is a private thing" we've said. ...continue reading


Check out this final installment of the Lenten Challenge from 1JustCity. The previous five have looked at each of the five partner ministries while this one is more of an overview of what they all offer as a whole. Thanks to all of you who have taken up this challenge. As this week 6 challenge suggests, we encourage you to continue learning about the work of 1JustCity in Winnipeg and finding ways to support this holy work in our city.


“I had no idea!” Our ministries often host visitors: students doing practicums, youth groups giving service, staff registering people for elections. Commonly, people are shocked to learn how low social assistance rates are, how little food there is in a food bank kit, how many people are living on the streets, how prevalent racism and homophobia are. People are also surprised that disadvantaged people are easy to talk with, care for one another, and welcome them warmly. We ask you to give up a night of TV to learn more about our work: visit our websites, arrange a visit, talk to someone on the phone. Consider a donation to support our work in making Winnipeg 1JustCity.


Here's the fifth challenge from our friends at 1JustCity. This week's challenge focuses on West Broadway Community Ministry.


“I can’t get a job if I smell bad in the interview, I can’t get a place where I can shower unless I have a job, so I come to West Broadway.” Poverty is a cliff, and ...continue reading


The fourth installment of the Lenten Challenge from 1JustCity comes from our partners at Rainbow Ministry. Rainbow Ministry itself is currently undergoing some very difficult transitions as their funding has been cut dramatically. Their important work will continue though, in one form or another, as long as there are people who seek justice and equality for all God's children. ...continue reading