Our purpose

Guiding Principle

“To build a faith community based on radical hospitality and inclusiveness that creates a place to build relationships with one another, with God, and with all of creation.


Belonging - Becoming - Believing

  • emphasis on community
  • emphasis on action
  • emphasis on faith formation

The Mission

  • bear witness through creative worship to the love of God
  • equip participants for meaningful service that mends the world
  • encourage Christian spiritual growth for children, youth and adults
  • promote healthy and deep relationships of community
  • and welcome others to the abundance of God’s kingdom

One of the gifts of the church to the world is that of community building – the creation of place and space where people can be who they are, sharing the joys and struggles of life with others who genuinely care. We, as the United Church in this city, believe that the participation of faith communities in the creation of Bridgewater Forest (and Waverley West) will help build stronger, safer and healthier communities.  Our goal is to provide physical and spiritual space for people in the community to gather; to share experiences; and when needed, to receive support and services.


To sow and nurture a growing Christian community (over a 15-25 year period):

  • planted with the help of adjacent UCC congregations and Winnipeg Presbytery
  • increasingly guided and owned by the local population
  • that has an attractive, visible accessible physical presence in the Waverley West community
  • through purchase of enough re-saleable land over time, and equipped through phased long term development
  • house ministry activities in a multiple-use space that provides for the community, that can be augmented over time
  • to maintain green-space around the facility


  • Community
  • Priority of relationships
  • Respect for neighbours
  • Respect for creation

Integrity of Christian faith

  • Bear witness to God whom we have experienced in Jesus
  • Openness of interpretation

Rest and renewal

  • Seek beauty, respite and meaning that contributes to sense of healing


  • Diversity is a gift of the Creator, the Covenant, and the Church
  • We honour God & embrace diversity as Jesus did
  • Nurture Inter-cultural relationships among
  • Affirming


  • Meaningful activity helps to authenticate the community
  • The identity of the congregation must evolve as local influence grows
  • Self-organization is encouraged

Seeking partnerships over time

  • United Church
  • Inter-church
  • Inter-faith
  • Non-church