We know that everyday faith isn’t always about a bricks and mortar building. In the 21st century there are so many ways for us to connect with, support and share with one another in celebration of the abundance, love and joy in our lives.

The United Church believes that what you have to say and how you feel, matters. There are so many questions as we go through life. During each phase of our lives, we look for different types of support that help us explore and build on our relationship with Creation.

While we all have different needs, we have things in common. Today many people report feeling more busy and stressed than ever before. Have you noticed you have every ‘thing’ but some ‘thing’ is missing?

So many of us say we are missing a sense of community - a place where we feel supported, heard, accepted  and loved.

How do you feel when you imagine a place where your beliefs, your words and your actions are in harmony?

Take the time to explore with us. You might be surprised at what you’ll find...