Lenten Challenge – Week 6

Check out this final installment of the Lenten Challenge from 1JustCity. The previous five have looked at each of the five partner ministries while this one is more of an overview of what they all offer as a whole. Thanks to all of you who have taken up this challenge. As this week 6 challenge suggests, we encourage you to continue learning about the work of 1JustCity in Winnipeg and finding ways to support this holy work in our city.


“I had no idea!” Our ministries often host visitors: students doing practicums, youth groups giving service, staff registering people for elections. Commonly, people are shocked to learn how low social assistance rates are, how little food there is in a food bank kit, how many people are living on the streets, how prevalent racism and homophobia are. People are also surprised that disadvantaged people are easy to talk with, care for one another, and welcome them warmly. We ask you to give up a night of TV to learn more about our work: visit our websites, arrange a visit, talk to someone on the phone. Consider a donation to support our work in making Winnipeg 1JustCity.


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