Lenten Challenge – Week 5

Here's the fifth challenge from our friends at 1JustCity. This week's challenge focuses on West Broadway Community Ministry.


“I can’t get a job if I smell bad in the interview, I can’t get a place where I can shower unless I have a job, so I come to West Broadway.” Poverty is a cliff, and many we know and love are walking along its edge. It is a short fall but a seemingly impossible climb back up. For those trying to gain employment who are currently homeless, accessing shower and laundry services is crucial. We ask you to forgo showering for a day. Collect up toiletries and new or gently used towels. Estimate your costs to do laundry (soap, water, wear and tear on the machine) and make an equivalent financial donation towards the water bill at West Broadway Community Ministry.


One more challenge to go. Watch for it in the coming days, and thanks for supporting all of our outreach ministries!



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