Lenten Challenge – Week 3

Lenten Challenge - Week Three

Here is a vignette from our North End Stella Community Ministry - the focus of the third installment of 1JustCity's Lenten Challenge:

“I have nowhere else to go to get a hug. I have no family.”

For far too many, the impacts of family breakdown mean facing the world alone. Actions of government and the churches have contributed to the family breakdown experienced by many of our Indigenous brothers and sisters. It is important to remember that even if we are not directly responsible, we are response-able. Through North End Stella Community Ministry (northendstella.ca) we are rebuilding families by supporting the learning of traditional knowledge. We ask that you go a day without talking to your family and to think of those for whom it isn’t a choice. Ask all of your family members to make a donation to support the new “Grandmothers - Granddaughters Circle“ program at NESCM.


This is a big challenge this week. Whether or not you can complete the task, I encourage you to take the thought of it into your heart and really imagine what it has been like, and in some cases is still like, for people to be separated from their loved ones, from their wider family, from their traditions, and from their people.

Oh, and I love that phrase - "response-able". We certainly are able to respond, each of us in our own way to the needs we see around us. May we do so in the ways that Jesus taught and lived out in his own life. Blessings to all of you as you read this, and may God be with you in whatever circumstances you are facing this day.


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